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Category: roofing contractors


How to Tie Together New and Existing Roofs

When is the last time you pulled down the hatch and climbed into your attic to have a look around. Many homeowners fail to do this more than once a decade, if at all, but the truth is that the status of your attic can give you a lot of information about your house as […]


Cool Roofs for Texas Homes: What’s the Hype?

Most people these days are finding at least a few different ways to go green. While there are lots of reasons behind this move, for many, the idea helps to save a bit of energy here and there, and cool roofs are helping both commercial building owners and homeowners alike save a little more, according […]


Types of Nails used in Roofing – Understanding Austin Roofing

To many, it might seem that a nail is a nail and that it wouldn’t make much difference which was used in home improvement projects. However, that is far from the truth and using the wrong nails in Round Rock roofing could spell serious trouble down the road. As you build a new home, increase […]