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Snoring Becoming an Issue? Time to See the Dentist

Did you know that more than eighty million people in this world have difficulty sleeping or are keeping others up at night due to a common condition known as snoring? It’s true. Yet, of those eighty million, only a small percentage understands that there is help and that the condition doesn’t have to be chronic. A trip to the dentist in Austin, TX is likely the best place to find the answers you need.

There are many known causes of snoring and also several habits and lifestyle choices that can make it worse. Understanding some of these can help with the problem. For instance, dietary changes may be a good route to ending the sleeplessness. Obesity (or even just being overweight) increases one’s chances, by a large degree, of developing a snoring problem. Thus, to lose weight through a healthier diet and exercise can often minimize the nighttime noisiness. It has also been found that habits, such as smoking and drinking, can lead to worsened snoring. Cutting these things to a minimum – or completely out of your life – may also be an important first step. However, not all snoring contributors are able to be controlled. For instance, the size of a person’s tonsils can increase the likelihood of snoring.

To better understand this phenomenon, one must first grasp the science behind snoring. During sleep, the body relaxes. It has been found that in people suffering from this condition, the soft tissue and muscles of the throat relax more so than in non-snorers. As a result, the airway is constricted and air passes through with more force. That added forces causes vibrations, which provide the sound commonly known as snoring. While not a case for an emergency dentist in Austin TX, a dental specialist can often assist with this problem. These medical professionals have found great success with devices built to hold the bottom jaw forward at night. With the lower jaw in this position, it doesn’t allow soft tissue to relax and keeps the space open. These devices, which are relatively common today, more than 70% of patients report significant improvement. Of course, the other thirty percent do not see as great of results. Why? Well, because, not all causes of snoring can be treated in this manner. For instance, the size of the tonsils cannot be adjusted in this manner. If too large, the space will already be tight and the mouth device won’t work. However, taking the time to see the dentist will help determine if your situation can be corrected.

There are over-the-counter varieties of these specially designed mouth guards, but most dentists warn against them. Just as at home teeth whitening products are not as effective as office procedures done in Austin TX, the store-bought snore guard models are inferior. The pieces given by the dentist are custom fit to the mouth to ensure proper fit. An improper fit could result in undue pressure on the jaw and could reduce chances of successful correction of the problem. It is very important to understand that self-treatment of this condition is dangerous. One should see a medical professional before taking any action against it. A dentist is likely your best bet. So, the next time you are in for tooth colored fillings or for a regular cleaning, mention the problem and you may be surprised at his or her wealth of knowledge on the topic.