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Top 6 Carpet Cleaning Tips

Your carpets are absolutely gorgeous, right? In some cases, they may even be the focal point of a room. Cleaning them, though, can be a complete hassle. Here are 6 tips that will help maids Austin.

If you have carpet, vacuuming is an essential step. You’ll want to vacuum at least once a week or have your housekeeper Austin do it.  You may want to do it a bit more than that if you have areas of higher traffic. The more frequently you vacuum, the longer the life of your carpet will be, as this simple step can help prevent buildup in the first place.  Maids in Austin recommend this be done once a week. Once a month, you may want to grab your crevice tool and clean around the baseboards and anywhere else you have trouble reaching too.

While you’re vacuuming, mentally divide the floor into quadrants, much like you do with business cleaning services Austin. Be sure to completely vacuum the entire quadrant before you move on to the next one. This little mental trick will help ensure you maintain the level of clean you want.  This is really important for your Austin TX office cleaning businesses. Also, make certain you take your time. The thicker the carpet, the deeper the dirt can get, and even if you have a high powered vacuum, one pass may not be enough. You may want to work through each section a few times to get any dirt or dust that has been ground into the floor.

Those areas where people sit or move their feet frequently need special attention during your weekly vacuuming session.  This also really becomes aparent when you are performing your move-out cleaning Austin TX.  Sometimes you can also notice then when moving in to your new apartment and they didn’t do a good move-in cleaning Austin TX. You may want to vacuum using a crisscross pattern, and be sure to overlap your strokes several times. If you’re looking to fight odor as you vacuum, add a little baking soda to the bag.

Even if you vacuum regularly, you’re still likely to have spots and spills on your hands occasionally, and those need a bit of special help. The most important tip to remember with spots and spills is to clean them up right away. As long as it’s fresh, you have a good chance of getting it clean. Start by blotting or scraping the area before you put anything down on the carpet. You’ll want to get rid of as much as possible before you apply a cleaning solution. If you intend to use a commercial cleaning product, be sure you test it in an inconspicuous area first to ensure it won’t discolor your carpets.  This can cost you a fortune if you mess up when commercial cleaning Austin buildings. As you apply your spot cleaner, make certain you don’t rub the area. That can only make the problem worse. Once you have applied the cleaner, work from the outside to the inside. That will help make certain you don’t spread the stain any further. Use a clean white bath towel to help dry the carpets. In fact, if there’s too much moisture, you may want to put a ¾ inch thick stack of towels and add a heavy object to the top to help weight them down and suck up as much moisture as possible.

Often specific kids of stains call for more specific remedies, so if you’re dealing with something special, you may want to do a bit of research to find the best possible cleaner to meet your needs.