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Cool Roofs for Texas Homes: What’s the Hype?

Most people these days are finding at least a few different ways to go green. While there are lots of reasons behind this move, for many, the idea helps to save a bit of energy here and there, and cool roofs are helping both commercial building owners and homeowners alike save a little more, according to many Sugarland roofing companies.

What is a Cool Roof?

If you’ve ever worn lighter colored clothing in the heat to keep yourself a little cooler, you already understand the concept behind a cool roof. Light colors reflect the heat and sunlight while dark colors absorb it. As with clothing on people, dark colors on roofs keep buildings quite a bit hotter. Cool roof are literally light colored roofs that help to reflect the sun’s rays.

Cool roofs are often bright white in color, but increasingly, there are light colors available for all roofs. These innovative materials aren’t just bare metal, though. They heat up just like other roof materials do. Instead, they’re often made from thermoplastic vinyl that is specifically designed to reflect the sun’s heat. Some companies also offer a roof coating that works for existing roofs.

The real bonus with this technology is that it can reduce a roof’s surface temperature by up to 100 degrees, which means very little heat is actually transferred into the building. That helps to reduce the energy costs and increase the lifecycle of the roof. In urban settings, it can also help to reduce smog.

Should I Look Into a Cool Roof?

If you’re thinking about having a new roof installed at home or you’re a commercial building owner who is interested, there are lots of reasons to consider cool roofs. They’ll help to save annually on electricity because you won’t require quite as much air conditioning as you once did. They’ll also help you reduce your peak electricity demands, which is a must in situations where you have time-of-use metering. Additionally, they can help reduce your overall roof maintenance costs and replacement costs because your roof will last longer. That’s a real plus if you’re looking into a roof repair. Houston has lots of companies ready to help you with this technology.

Unfortunately, there is a potential disadvantage. A 2011 Stanford study suggested that while cool roofs may help you go greener because of decreased energy costs, it’s possible that they actually increase global temperature overall. A follow-up study by Concordia University, though, found some uncertainty in these results.

Government agencies and roofing companies alike love the ideal of cool roofs for a variety of different reasons. There are even several savings calculators online that can help you decide how much you might be able to save if you have a cool roof installed.

If you’re interested in this technology, it’s important to note that it is just now becoming widely available to homeowners, so be patient. Even the best roofers in the Woodlands may not be familiar with the concept in residential settings. If you’re really interested in cool roofing over other options, make certain to go with a company who can help.