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How to Tie Together New and Existing Roofs

When is the last time you pulled down the hatch and climbed into your attic to have a look around. Many homeowners fail to do this more than once a decade, if at all, but the truth is that the status of your attic can give you a lot of information about your house as a whole and finding a potential problem now can save you a lot of hard-earned cash later on.

Once you wander up the stairs into the uppermost part of your home, make a mental note of the feel. Is it hot or cool? Does it feel moist or dry? The atmosphere in the space is one of the biggest clues that you can get from the attic. A super hot attic in the summer or a very cold attic in the winter can point to possible insulation issues. A very moist feel in the air can point to a few different issues. One area of apparent wetness, for instance, can point to a need for roof repair. If the wood in that area appears to be rotting or is covered in mold, then there may be a larger structural issue to be concerned with. There could be a need for venting if the room feels damp throughout.

HVAC This might be an odd place to be when considering the heating and air condition units in your home, but the truth is that many of the ducts in your home will run through the attic. A leak in one of those ducts can explain extra moisture in the air. If the vents end abruptly in the space, then there is a bigger problem that should be addressed promptly. HVAC and fan ducts should never end in the attic, or too close to the soffit vents. The latter placement can cause the moisture to be drawn right back into the home. They should end outdoors, at least three feet from the nearest vent.

Check the Insulation The insulation in the attic should be thick, full, and dry. In most cases, there should be between four and six inches of insulation to properly secure the comfortable temperatures within the home. If the insulation, however, feels hard or wet to the touch, then there are signs of trouble above. Check the structure beneath the insulation to be sure it is in good repair. If there are signs of mold or rotting, then you will want to call in a Fort Worth roofing contractor to assess the roof. There is likely a leak and if it is caught early enough, it should be a very easy repair (unless the roofing material has stretched beyond its recommended life span and, therefore, a full replacement is recommended).
Once you have made certain that the insulation is dry, check the thickness. There should insulation on (or beneath) the floor of the attic as well. Warm air that drifts from below to meet the cool air in an attic during the winter months, or cool air from the air conditioned space enters the warm attic of the summer, condensation can occur. Like the moisture on a glass of ice water in the summer, the water from the air can fill the room quickly and cause serious problems. Insulation and proper sealing of seams can help to ensure that the air below does not continuously seep into the attic.

Ventilation If the ducts are in good shape, there are no obvious leaks from the roof, and the insulation is plenty thick, but you are still noting a significant problem with temperature in the space, then it might be time to consider adding roofing vents. Vents allow air to escape from the attic, thereby reducing the heat that is contained there in the summer months. The same people that you would call for roof repair in Arlington, TX, can help you determine if your attic would benefit from more roof ventilation. This doesn’t have to be a huge job, but can save you big bucks on your cooling bills.

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Cool Roofs for Texas Homes: What’s the Hype?

Most people these days are finding at least a few different ways to go green. While there are lots of reasons behind this move, for many, the idea helps to save a bit of energy here and there, and cool roofs are helping both commercial building owners and homeowners alike save a little more, according to many Sugarland roofing companies.

What is a Cool Roof?

If you’ve ever worn lighter colored clothing in the heat to keep yourself a little cooler, you already understand the concept behind a cool roof. Light colors reflect the heat and sunlight while dark colors absorb it. As with clothing on people, dark colors on roofs keep buildings quite a bit hotter. Cool roof are literally light colored roofs that help to reflect the sun’s rays.

Cool roofs are often bright white in color, but increasingly, there are light colors available for all roofs. These innovative materials aren’t just bare metal, though. They heat up just like other roof materials do. Instead, they’re often made from thermoplastic vinyl that is specifically designed to reflect the sun’s heat. Some companies also offer a roof coating that works for existing roofs.

The real bonus with this technology is that it can reduce a roof’s surface temperature by up to 100 degrees, which means very little heat is actually transferred into the building. That helps to reduce the energy costs and increase the lifecycle of the roof. In urban settings, it can also help to reduce smog.

Should I Look Into a Cool Roof?

If you’re thinking about having a new roof installed at home or you’re a commercial building owner who is interested, there are lots of reasons to consider cool roofs. They’ll help to save annually on electricity because you won’t require quite as much air conditioning as you once did. They’ll also help you reduce your peak electricity demands, which is a must in situations where you have time-of-use metering. Additionally, they can help reduce your overall roof maintenance costs and replacement costs because your roof will last longer. That’s a real plus if you’re looking into a roof repair. Houston has lots of companies ready to help you with this technology.

Unfortunately, there is a potential disadvantage. A 2011 Stanford study suggested that while cool roofs may help you go greener because of decreased energy costs, it’s possible that they actually increase global temperature overall. A follow-up study by Concordia University, though, found some uncertainty in these results.

Government agencies and roofing companies alike love the ideal of cool roofs for a variety of different reasons. There are even several savings calculators online that can help you decide how much you might be able to save if you have a cool roof installed.

If you’re interested in this technology, it’s important to note that it is just now becoming widely available to homeowners, so be patient. Even the best roofers in the Woodlands may not be familiar with the concept in residential settings. If you’re really interested in cool roofing over other options, make certain to go with a company who can help.


Types of Nails used in Roofing – Understanding Austin Roofing

To many, it might seem that a nail is a nail and that it wouldn’t make much difference which was used in home improvement projects. However, that is far from the truth and using the wrong nails in Round Rock roofing could spell serious trouble down the road. As you build a new home, increase space with an addition, or simply improve your existing area, you will likely notice that contractors use a wide variety of nails. There are ten varieties most commonly used by builders and homeowners.

Concrete Nails: When building a new home, the first step is often to lay a foundation. For those who opt for a concrete slab or basement masonry nails, which are commonly referred to as concrete nails and are very strong, will likely be put to use. First though, temporary framing will be put to use to contain the wet concrete mix as it dries. For this, duplex head nails, are chosen. They can be used to build the temporary frame, but are easily removed, thanks to the double head, when the concrete is firm.

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Common Nail: When the foundation is in place, framing is a possibility. The image that springs to mind when on thinks about nails is typically a picture of the common nail. With a long shaft, a broad, rounded head, and a sharp point for easy application, they are among the most versatile nails produced today. Typically, thousands upon thousands of common nails are used in the framing of a house.

Box Nail: Very similar to the common nail, the box nail is also crafter of wire. The main difference, however, is the thickness of the shaft. This variety is much thinner than the common nail for the purpose of connecting thinner materials that would be prone to cracking with the thickness of the common nail. Neither of the two is hardy enough for use in roofing, but could be utilized in the framing beneath the shingles. For that reason, both will likely be possessed by Lakeway, Texas, roofing companies.

Roofing Nails: The form of the house is there, but only a properly installed roof can ensure that it isn’t damaged by precipitation. Nails are specially made for this industry and are aptly named ‘roofing nails’. They often feature texture on the shaft to make they stay put once installed, and an extra-large, flat head.

Drywall Nail: In most rooms today, atop the framing and insulation, contractors install a special product known as dry wall. This is what is painted or papered and will remain visible to the occupants. Materials like drywall are not as hard as wood and nails could more easily pull free from the brittle material. For this reason, the drywall nail (also known as an annular ring nail) is put up to the task of hanging the walling. The small grooves in the shaft provide added resistance, making it more difficult for the nail to be pulled loose.

Finish Nails: Once the house is built and the drywall has been installed, mudded, sanded and properly prepared, molding is brought in for most Austin, Texas, homes. This provides a finished look to the space and hides the rough bottom edges of the drywall. Molding can be used for a wide variety of purposes and comes in a vast array of styles. However, all of it will be hung with finish- or casing nails. The small heads of these shorter nails are intended to sink into the wood slightly, providing a smooth, even surface.

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Top 6 Carpet Cleaning Tips

Your carpets are absolutely gorgeous, right? In some cases, they may even be the focal point of a room. Cleaning them, though, can be a complete hassle. Here are 6 tips that will help maids Austin.

If you have carpet, vacuuming is an essential step. You’ll want to vacuum at least once a week or have your housekeeper Austin do it.  You may want to do it a bit more than that if you have areas of higher traffic. The more frequently you vacuum, the longer the life of your carpet will be, as this simple step can help prevent buildup in the first place.  Maids in Austin recommend this be done once a week. Once a month, you may want to grab your crevice tool and clean around the baseboards and anywhere else you have trouble reaching too.

While you’re vacuuming, mentally divide the floor into quadrants, much like you do with business cleaning services Austin. Be sure to completely vacuum the entire quadrant before you move on to the next one. This little mental trick will help ensure you maintain the level of clean you want.  This is really important for your Austin TX office cleaning businesses. Also, make certain you take your time. The thicker the carpet, the deeper the dirt can get, and even if you have a high powered vacuum, one pass may not be enough. You may want to work through each section a few times to get any dirt or dust that has been ground into the floor.

Those areas where people sit or move their feet frequently need special attention during your weekly vacuuming session.  This also really becomes aparent when you are performing your move-out cleaning Austin TX.  Sometimes you can also notice then when moving in to your new apartment and they didn’t do a good move-in cleaning Austin TX. You may want to vacuum using a crisscross pattern, and be sure to overlap your strokes several times. If you’re looking to fight odor as you vacuum, add a little baking soda to the bag.

Even if you vacuum regularly, you’re still likely to have spots and spills on your hands occasionally, and those need a bit of special help. The most important tip to remember with spots and spills is to clean them up right away. As long as it’s fresh, you have a good chance of getting it clean. Start by blotting or scraping the area before you put anything down on the carpet. You’ll want to get rid of as much as possible before you apply a cleaning solution. If you intend to use a commercial cleaning product, be sure you test it in an inconspicuous area first to ensure it won’t discolor your carpets.  This can cost you a fortune if you mess up when commercial cleaning Austin buildings. As you apply your spot cleaner, make certain you don’t rub the area. That can only make the problem worse. Once you have applied the cleaner, work from the outside to the inside. That will help make certain you don’t spread the stain any further. Use a clean white bath towel to help dry the carpets. In fact, if there’s too much moisture, you may want to put a ¾ inch thick stack of towels and add a heavy object to the top to help weight them down and suck up as much moisture as possible.

Often specific kids of stains call for more specific remedies, so if you’re dealing with something special, you may want to do a bit of research to find the best possible cleaner to meet your needs.


Time for a Photofacial? Are you Eating For Healthy Skin?

There are millions of people in this world who are on a constant hunt for a solution to the cosmetic issues tied to aging. A great deal of money is spent to correct, hide, or do away with wrinkles, lines, discolorations, or sagging of the skin. However, many believe that people won’t need as frequent trips to the laser facial spa, if they learn to control their diet. This philosophy is based on three basic principles.

Waging War on Free Radicals The body is constantly exposed to free radicals in this day and age. In order to understand what radicals are, one must have a basic understanding of cells and molecules. The body is made of cells, which are made of molecules, fashioned of one or more atoms. An atom with a full outer shell, there are two ‘shells’ of every molecule. The innermost shell is full when it contains two electrons. Any addition electrons begin to fill the outer shell. The number of electrons here will dictate whether or not the molecule will willingly enter in chemical reactions. All atoms desire to have a well balanced outer shell and will, therefore, bond with other atoms in an effort to gain or lose electrons to maintain equilibrium. When weak bonds are broken, a molecule can be left with an odd number of electrons, which leaves it very unstable and eager to form new bonds right away to correct the issue. Free radicals are the unstable molecules, which will seek to steal the electrons of the nearest stable molecule. This beings a chain reaction that can destroy a living cell. When the impacted cells are skin cells, changes in appearance can result – early signs of aging can set in.

Free radicals occur in the body as the result of pollutants, radiation, and exposure to cigarette smoke. They have also been tied to herbicides used in the growing of many commercially sold foods. There are certain antioxidants, such as vitamin E and vitamin C that willingly lend an electron to stop the path of destruction.

Antioxidants are found in many common and tasty foods, which makes the war against free radicals a rather enjoyable one. You can fight them with antioxidant-heavy foods, such as plums, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, pomegranates, artichokes, and nuts. The great news is that these are the same foods that are highly recommended for people who are trying to watch their weight and those who have started the HcG diet in Austin. Antioxidants can help prevent the breakdown of collagen, which means a reduction in the signs of aging.

Encourage Healthy Skin Cells Strong skin is less likely to sag and wrinkle, which is a good thing. The great news is that you can improve the health of your skin with simple changes to your diet. Strong skin comes from regular consumption of the essential fatty acids. These are not naturally produced by the body and therefore a person should aim to consume healthy levels of them each and every day. Omega-3 and Omega-6 both play important roles in the body. The latter has earned a bad reputation recently, which is simply due to the fact that Americans have become prone to overdoing it with the fatty acid found in vegetable oils. Omega-3, on the other hand, is consumed far less frequently by the average American. Found in oily fish, avocados, walnuts, and other such foods, it plays an equally important role that has long been overlooked.

Hydrating Skin The essential fatty acids do help the skin retain its moisture, but it has to exist within the cells already if it is to be retained. In order to ensure that the skin remains properly hydrated a person must ensure that he or she meets the recommended water intake guidelines every day. Properly hydrated skin is far less likely to sag, sink, and fold in undesirable ways.

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Understanding Human Hair Growth

Understanding Human Hair Growth

Whether you are considering Austin laser hair removal or finding yourself overly annoyed with a receding hairline, it can be helpful to understand how human hair grows.

There are few places on the human body that don’t have, at least, a light dusting of fine hairs. Hair texture, length, and color can vary substantially from person to person, but each human has the same underlying cycle determining how much hair is present at any given time. The hair growth cycle has three distinct phases – the anagen, catagen and telogen stages.

Anagen Phase
This stage of hair growth is when hair follicles are at their most active. This single phase can last up to eight years and is the period when new hair grows. Each follicle operates on a unique schedule, so two that are side-by-side can be at entirely different phases. However, it is estimates that more than two-thirds of all hairs on the human body are in this stage of the growth cycle at any given time.

Catagen Phase
When the hair has stopped growing, it is considered to be in the catagen stage of the cycle. This phase is much shorter than the first, lasting, on average, just two weeks. During this period of time, the follicle shrinks, disconnecting from the blood supply beneath, so the hair no longer receives nourishment.

Telogen Phase
Many confuse this period of time as the point when hair falls out of the follicle, however that is not always the case. This is simply a stage when the follicle lies dormant. Often, it isn’t until the anagen phase starts again that the old hair is pushed out by the new hair, which will take its place.

Hair Changes with Age
As a person ages, hair, like most of the body, undergoes certain changes. Much of this is due to fluctuations in hormone levels. Hair loss can occur as the result of the growth cycle slowing, new hair can sprout in unusual places, and the melanin (cells responsible for giving hair its natural color) can begin to disappear causing gray hair.

Changes in sebum levels can also make hair brittle and dry; more susceptible to breakage. There are, of course, ways to combat this issue with the use of moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.

New Hair Growth
A common complaint among women, as they age, is facial hair. The sudden appearance is tied directly to hormonal changes. More specifically, women will experience the growth of coarse dark hair on their faces as a result of depleted estrogen levels. Electrolysis and laser hair removal are employed, in many cases, to rectify this situation.

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Snoring Becoming an Issue? Time to See the Dentist

Did you know that more than eighty million people in this world have difficulty sleeping or are keeping others up at night due to a common condition known as snoring? It’s true. Yet, of those eighty million, only a small percentage understands that there is help and that the condition doesn’t have to be chronic. A trip to the dentist in Austin, TX is likely the best place to find the answers you need.

There are many known causes of snoring and also several habits and lifestyle choices that can make it worse. Understanding some of these can help with the problem. For instance, dietary changes may be a good route to ending the sleeplessness. Obesity (or even just being overweight) increases one’s chances, by a large degree, of developing a snoring problem. Thus, to lose weight through a healthier diet and exercise can often minimize the nighttime noisiness. It has also been found that habits, such as smoking and drinking, can lead to worsened snoring. Cutting these things to a minimum – or completely out of your life – may also be an important first step. However, not all snoring contributors are able to be controlled. For instance, the size of a person’s tonsils can increase the likelihood of snoring.

To better understand this phenomenon, one must first grasp the science behind snoring. During sleep, the body relaxes. It has been found that in people suffering from this condition, the soft tissue and muscles of the throat relax more so than in non-snorers. As a result, the airway is constricted and air passes through with more force. That added forces causes vibrations, which provide the sound commonly known as snoring. While not a case for an emergency dentist in Austin TX, a dental specialist can often assist with this problem. These medical professionals have found great success with devices built to hold the bottom jaw forward at night. With the lower jaw in this position, it doesn’t allow soft tissue to relax and keeps the space open. These devices, which are relatively common today, more than 70% of patients report significant improvement. Of course, the other thirty percent do not see as great of results. Why? Well, because, not all causes of snoring can be treated in this manner. For instance, the size of the tonsils cannot be adjusted in this manner. If too large, the space will already be tight and the mouth device won’t work. However, taking the time to see the dentist will help determine if your situation can be corrected.

There are over-the-counter varieties of these specially designed mouth guards, but most dentists warn against them. Just as at home teeth whitening products are not as effective as office procedures done in Austin TX, the store-bought snore guard models are inferior. The pieces given by the dentist are custom fit to the mouth to ensure proper fit. An improper fit could result in undue pressure on the jaw and could reduce chances of successful correction of the problem. It is very important to understand that self-treatment of this condition is dangerous. One should see a medical professional before taking any action against it. A dentist is likely your best bet. So, the next time you are in for tooth colored fillings or for a regular cleaning, mention the problem and you may be surprised at his or her wealth of knowledge on the topic.


Finding Affordable Dental Services

Many of us grow up being dragged to the dentist every six months for a routine checkup, but after we grow older, and get out of our parents homes and off of their insurance, we tend to let our dental visits slide, simply because they’re too expensive. Dental visits have become much more expensive in the past ten years than they’ve ever been, and it’s likely due to all of the new technology that most dentists are purchasing which, while helping to make the dental care better, is also expensive, and that expense is reflected on your bill. But you shouldn’t avoid going to the dentist simply because of the cost, as there are a number of things that you can look to in order to help you to afford getting proper dental services.

The Right Dentist

Finding the right Austin dentist is often the first


Bridal Tips for Visiting the Salon

Almost every young girl dreams of the day that she gets married. But not all girls have the same dream wedding. Some want small, intimate affairs, others look for extravagant decadence, and some simply want to go barefoot on the beach for their wedding. The great thing about weddings is that you don’t have to have your wedding any one way except the way that you want it. Getting what you want, however, can be the tricky part, as there are many decisions to be made, including how you deal with your salon.

Before the Wedding

Visiting Austin salons on the day of your wedding can be extremely exciting. It’s the day that you’ve been waiting for, when you’re finally able to marry the person of your dreams, and yet you’re nervous that something will go wrong with your hair. That’s why it’s extremely important to make sure that you visit your salon weeks before the wedding. Why would you want to visit weeks ahead of time? In order to make sure that you have the hairstyle that you want, and that your stylist is able to do the hairstyle, visiting before hand is a must. You may think that you want your hair styled one way, but once you have it done you may discover that it’s not a good style for you at all, which is another very good reason for having your hair styled before the wedding. Think of it as a preview! In Austin, bridal services are very important, which is why almost every salon will request that you book an appointment a few weeks before the wedding date in order to figure out hairstyle.

If you’re going to be having your makeup done by members of the salon, then you’re all set! Some people, however, cannot do this due to time or money restraints, which is why, if you’re not having a professional do your makeup, it’s a good idea to get makeup lessons. In Austin, the best place to get makeup lessons is from your salon technician. They have been trained in knowing not only how to put on makeup, but how to apply it specifically so that each person’s face is enhanced by the makeup. A twenty minute makeup lesson can go a long way in helping you to learn how to properly apply makeup, so that on your wedding day, that’s one less thing that you have to worry about.

You’ve planned out your hairstyle, you’ve even had makeup lessons, so what’s next? Buying product. Brides almost always forget to buy the type of product that they’ll need to have with them on their wedding day, so make sure that you purchase any product that you may have need of long before you actually need it, like Kerastase products. In Austin, the only way to get a hold of these high quality products is through your salon, and they tend to sell out fast, so always buy them long before you need them and pack them up in a special wedding bag a few nights before the big day!

About the Author: Kenneth Brown has written extensively about the beauty & fashion industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field


Tips for Events in Austin

Living in Austin has a number of benefits. You have everything you could ever want in a very close proximity to your home, or your work, and you’re able to have a great deal of fun on the weekends thanks to all of the events that happen in Austin. But many times people find that dealing with some of the Austin events can be frustrating. They find that they’re not able to find parking, or that they didn’t know that it was going to cost a specific amount to go to the event that they were interested in going to. If you’re looking to go to an event in Austin, here are a few tips that can help you to make sure that you’re prepared for almost everything.

Being Prepared

The first thing that you should do is to make sure that you always have a first aid kit on you. This may sound strange, but it can come in extremely handy. If you’ve got a purse, or are bringing a vehicle, put a small first aid kit into the vehicle or into your purse (or both). You never know when it will come in handy. You may find, for instance, that you need sunscreen for a concert in the park, or that you hurt your leg when you join a spur of the moment baseball game in the park. Having a first aid kit is definitely a must.

If you want to have a great weekend, do your research ahead of time. Find out about all of the events that are going on during the weekend and look at not only the times, but how long it will take you to get from place to place. This way you’re not scrambling when you’re trying to go from one place to another. Also, make sure that you know exactly where an event is taking place. If you see an address, enter it into your GPS, or into an online map, so that you can find out exactly where it is. All too often residents of the city assume that they know where the event is only to get lost and to miss it.

Make sure, when you’re doing your research, that you find out how much an event costs. Unless you specifically see the price, or the words “free”, then assume that it costs something. Don’t be afraid to call the event coordinator or the location where the event is taking place to ask how much the event costs. Another great tip is to plan your parking! If you’re not taking public transportation, make sure you do a search before you head to find the parking locations available to you. A bit of extra searching and you can find the free parking spots, making it even more affordable to enjoy yourself in downtown Austin for the evening. With a little bit of planning and research, you can enjoy yourself in Austin every weekend, or every week, of the year!